oneTap Pro

Google One Tap Sign In in WordPress for the first time!


Exclude in pages: You might need to show the login popup on some specific pages like blog, shop, and checkout. oneTap Pro has this option to specify pages to show.
Default user role: Any registered user role can be set as default. During the login process, it takes effect and no more action is needed.
Custom login and sign-up redirection: By default, the user will be redirected to the same page. If someone requires the user to be redirected to the shop page or any other custom URL then this option meets this requirement.
Sign-in context: By default, the One Tap prompt is used within a “Sign in with Google” context. You can change the context attribute to create a different set of wording like “Sign up with Google” or “Use with Google”.
Add sub-domain support: One Tap is displayed on the parent domain and subdomains, the state cookie must be visible across all of your domains.
Delay to show popup: After rendering a page the popup will show after a predefined time from the plugin option.

Setup and installation: It includes configuring your Google API key for single or multiple sites.

Advanced customization: Comming soon..