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this plugin is so cool for catching attraction of visitors’ registration and for easy login. I recommend installing and using it. and enjoy more features in the pro version. support was awesome and fast
Another Show Hooks
Tried other options but this is the most beautiful, well designed and more info-charged. Essential, I’d say, I’ll promote on Twitter! And buy PRO as soon as my third world salary allows 🙂 Thanks for your hard work!
It solves a lot of login problems. Great solution thanks!
I would recommend having a few more options for the free user. Other than that – a great plugin.
Another Show Hooks
While the screenshots look a little confusing and cluttered, once you actually try it and are able to scroll through the page you can see that the hooks show WHERE they are fired, which is super helpful in additional to the firing sequence. Great tool! Thanks for sharing!
Another Show Hooks
Thanks a lot, this one is working! Lifesaver tool for developers to show and inspect hooks.
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